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These shaped pads have been designed specifically for bariatric patients.
Traditionally the most significant issue that obese people have with incontinence pads is that as the wearer moves the pad moves enabling leakge.
These pads are longer than many others in order to maximise leakage and security even when the user is moving around.

The products are available in 2 absorption levels of 2000 ml and 3400 ml, covering both moderate and heavy urinary incontinence and are fully breathable in order to help maintain skin integrity.

These products should be worn with fixation pants as part of a 2 piece system in order to hold the pad in place.

  • Shaped incontinence pad suitable for obese / bariatric
  • Fully breathable
  • Features wetness indicator
  • To be worn with fixation pants as part of a two piece system
  • Suitable for day and night time use

Sizes and Absorbencies

Product Size mm Absorption Rothwell ml Abena Drop Scale Units per pack
7 XXL 460 x 840 2000 7 26
11 XXL 460 x 840 3400 9 14


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