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Abri-Wing are belted products for moderate to heavy incontinence. Abri-Wing has reusable fastners which are good for those who want to adjust the position of the pad on a reagular basis.

The design of the product can also make it an easier solution for individuals who have complex needs e.g. wheelchair users and those with physical disabilities.

Abri-Wing features a soft and breathable backsheet offering greater comfort for the wearer and promoting skin integrity.

Leakage barriers ensure maximum protection against leakage.

The wetness indicators featured on these products can help you to identify when the product needs changing when dealing with urinary incontinence.

  • These products are latex free.

Sizes and Absorbencies

Product Hip Size cm Absorption Rothwell ml Abena Drop Scale Units per pack
Large L3 90-135 3500 8 14


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